The Ukpik is 50' in length, draws 4.0 feet of water, and cruises comfortably at 17 knots.  It has twin engines for maximum maneuverability and safety.  The work deck is 13.75' by 14' with a removable transom for handling large instrument packages or nets.  The A-frame can swing forward to the back of the cabin.  A five man inflatable rides on top of the cabin and can be used for going ashore or collecting samples away from the vessel.


The bridge is equipped with (2) radars, VHF radios, autopilot, satellite telephone, (2) fathometers, and AIS.  A Garmin GPS plotter and a computer based navigation with a satellite compass are used for navigation.  There are (7) survival suits on board, a satellite emergency locating beacon (EPIRB) and an 8-man survival raft.

There are six bunks forward and a seventh bunk in the wheelhouse.  A diesel stove provides both heat and an excellent cook stove and oven.  The boat carries 300 gallons of fresh water, has a hot water shower, and a forced-air heat throughout.

There's a seven foot workbench for scientific recorders and instruments with storage cabinets underneath, covered/curtained outside tables, and a designated storage hold for scientific equipment.  There is a 1.5 Kw pure sine wave inverter for AC power for the scientific instruments and a 3 Kw inverter for general ship use.  12 volt DC is available from three banks of batteries.

The US Coast Guard has designated this vessel as an "Oceanographic Research Vessel" according to Title 46 United States Code 2101 (18), subpart 3.05-3, and is maintained to the requirements of the US Coast Guard.